Mr. Shadow Ellisย 

Shadow: The Beacon of Light in Our Lives

From the moment Shadow entered our lives, he has been a force of transformation. Now, celebrating his first year, his growth and development are not only visible in his behavior but also in his esteemed role as the leading sire in my program.

Shadow's impeccable lineage is confirmed through genetic screening, reflecting his excellent health and vigor. This, together with his prestigious AKC registration, underscores his potential as a breeding male. Yet, it's his vibrant personality that truly endears him to all.

Life with Shadow is a daily adventure filled with joy and discovery. His curiosity, always driving him to explore his surroundings, leads to amusing escapades. Be it playfully chasing a butterfly or tilting his head in curiosity at unfamiliar sounds, Shadow's actions bring laughter and happiness.

But there's more to Shadow than just his playful antics and explorations. He represents a deep and meaningful connection. Shadow is more than a pet; he's a foundational member of our family, providing steadfast love and companionship. On days when life feels overwhelming, his bright spirit cuts through the gloom, bringing light and warmth.

In his youth, Shadow has taught us resilience, joy, and the essence of unconditional love. His wagging tail, playful barks, and gentle nudges are constant reminders of our unique bond. With Shadow by my side, I'm constantly rediscovering life's simple pleasures and the profound affection a dog can offer.

Reflecting on our time together, I am filled with gratitude. Shadow is not just a pet; he's a devoted friend, a confidant, and a shining light that reveals the true beauty of life.

ย Prince Ozzy's Luminous Golden Legacy

Welcoming Prince Ozzy: A Cherished New Addition

We are delighted to introduce Prince Ozzy, the newest and most adorable member of our family at just 8 weeks old. Ozzy, with his endearing personality and sweet nature, has quickly become a cherished presence in our lives.

Born to stunning dark golden parents, Ozzy's heritage is as beautiful as his disposition. His lineage promises not only a magnificent coat but also a robust health, a testament to the care and dedication in his breeding. As a future potential sire, his lineage holds great promise, but for now, his youth and innocence are what we cherish most.

Ozzy's arrival has been a delightful experience. His loving nature is evident in every playful interaction and gentle nuzzle. He brings a unique joy that only a puppy can, with his clumsy antics and boundless curiosity. Watching him explore his new world, with wide eyes and a wagging tail, is a daily source of amusement and happiness.

At such a tender age, Ozzy is already showing signs of a wonderful temperament โ€“ he's affectionate, gentle, and has a sweetness about him that endears him to everyone he meets. His interactions are filled with an innocent wonder that reminds us of the simple pleasures in life.

As we watch Ozzy grow, we are excited to see him develop into a beautiful golden retriever. He's more than just a new addition; he's a symbol of the joy, companionship, and unconditional love that dogs bring into our lives.

In welcoming Ozzy, we look forward to the many adventures and cherished moments ahead. His journey is just beginning, and we are thrilled to be a part of it, watching him grow and thrive as a beloved member of our family.

Miss Daisy Pearl
Expected to have only 1-2 more litters

Daisy: The Embodiment of Canine Grace and Compassion

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of South Carolina, Daisy stands as a shining example of golden retriever excellence. Having beautifully mothered two litters, her natural maternal qualities radiate, setting her apart with her innate nurturing spirit.

The careful breeding approach is reflected in Daisy's heritage. Her parents, meticulously health-screened, have bequeathed her a legacy of stellar health and temperament. This commitment to the breed's well-being ensures Daisy not only boasts a strong constitution but also a charming and delightful nature.

Daisy's heart, as radiant as her golden coat, overflows with love. Her excitement in meeting new people is evident in her gentle, affectionate greetings. Beyond her loving nature, Daisy's vibrant energy and enthusiasm for life are utterly infectious. Whether enjoying a tranquil walk or engaging in a spirited game of fetch, her zest for life is captivating.

Behind her lively spirit is a soul of discipline. Daisy exhibits remarkable obedience, a testament to her intelligence and the effective training she's received. Her keen memory and ease in learning new commands make her an ideal student.

Daisy's sociable nature extends to her canine peers as well. Her interactions with other dogs display her skill in creating friendly, playful relationships, marked by a complete absence of aggression.

In Daisy, one sees the ideal of the golden retriever breed: affectionate, spirited, intelligent, and most importantly, a beloved companion. Her presence underscores the importance of responsible breeding and the deep, enduring bond between humans and their canine friends.

ย Princess Bella's Mini Me & Gia Angel Baby Whitney

Angel Baby & Priscilla: The Bright Future of Sun and Sand Goldens

Amidst the verdant setting of Sun and Sand Goldens, Angel Baby and Priscilla, the delightful progeny of Bella and Shadow, are ready to write a new chapter in their family's story. These youthful golden retrievers are set to advance the distinguished legacy of their forebears with their own unique flair.

Priscilla, a spitting image of her mother Bella, radiates charm and vitality. Her coat shines brilliantly, and her eyes twinkle with intelligence and warmth. She carries herself with a grace that is inherent to her lineage, yet she possesses a lively spirit that emerges during her playful escapades.

Angel Baby takes after Shadow, embodying an adventurous and spirited demeanor. She is a bundle of energy, eager to discover and engage with the world around her. Her golden coat sparkles in the sun, mirroring her lively and inquisitive personality. Angel Baby's eyes, always brimming with mischief and wonder, reveal her curious nature and her vast capacity for affection.

In unison, Angel Baby and Priscilla represent the perfect amalgamation of their parents' finest traits. Their bond is palpable, showcased in their synchronized play and the gentle moments they share. Their interactions go beyond sibling camaraderie; they are a display of two harmonious souls.

As they mature, Angel Baby and Priscilla are shaped by the beauty of their surroundings and the devoted care they receive. They represent more than just the future of Sun and Sand Goldens; they embody the essence of the golden retriever breed. Their existence is a promise of the continuation of a legacy defined by love, loyalty, and happiness, exemplified by Bella and Shadow.

Angel Baby and Priscilla stand as symbols of hope and potential โ€” the bright future of Sun and Sand Goldens, where the legacy of Bella and Shadow will thrive for generations.

ย Gypsy Starfire II

Introducing Gypsy Starfire II: The Next Chapter in Golden Excellence

We are excited to announce a future pairing. Gypsy Starfire II, a purebred Golden Retriever registered with the American Kennel Club, is set to be paired with our beloved Shadow. This anticipated union is poised to produce a litter of Dark Golden Retrievers, each destined to embody the best traits of their remarkable lineage.

Gypsy Starfire II, with her exquisite dark golden coat and captivating presence, is a sight to behold. Her lineage, marked by health and exemplary temperament, makes her an ideal match for Shadow, known for his adventurous spirit and robust health. This pairing promises to bring together the finest attributes of the Golden Retriever breed.

The puppies from Gypsy and Shadow are expected to inherit the deep, rich color of their parents, along with a harmonious blend of their personalities and physical traits. These Dark Golden Retrievers will not only have the stunning appearance typical of the breed but also the gentle, loving nature that makes Golden Retrievers such beloved companions.

As we look forward to this future litter, we are reminded of the responsibility and joy that comes with breeding these wonderful animals. Our commitment to health, temperament, and adherence to breed standards remains steadfast, ensuring that each puppy from Gypsy and Shadow will be a shining example of the breed.

Stay tuned for updates on this exciting pairing. The puppies from Gypsy Starfire II and Shadow are destined to be more than just pets; they will be loyal companions, bringing joy and warmth to their future homes.

Gypsy and Shadow represent the ongoing legacy of excellence at Sun and Sand Goldens, and we can't wait to share the journey of this upcoming litter with our community.

ย Sun & Sand's Shimmering Opal

Warm Welcome to Opal!
We are excited to announce yet another future pairing that represents the epitome of golden retriever breeding at its finest!

Introducing Opal: A Dazzling Addition to Our Family

We are thrilled to introduce another precious gem to our family - Opal, a beautiful sister to Ozzy and an integral part of our future breeding plans. Opal, with her captivating charm and grace, is set to be paired with Shadow, promising to bring into the world a litter of stunning dark red Golden Retrievers.

Opal's beauty is not just in her appearance but also in her demeanor. She embodies the quintessential traits of a Golden Retriever - friendly, intelligent, and devoted. Her lineage, shared with her brother Ozzy, speaks of robust health and a richย  golden coat that captures the essence of her breed's splendor.

The pairing of Opal with Shadow is a carefully considered decision, aimed at combining the best attributes of both parents. Shadow, known for his vibrant personality and strong lineage, complements Opal's gentle nature and exquisite appearance. Together, they are expected to produce puppies that not only exhibit the deep red hues but also inherit their parents' health, temperament, and vivacity.

Princess Bella

Bella: The Golden Heart of My Home

From the heart of South Carolina, Bella emerged โ€” not merely a dog, but a living emblem of the profound connection between humans and their canine companions. Bella is no ordinary purebred golden retriever; she is the epitome of devotion, elegance, and pure love. Now at four years old, she exemplifies the grace of her breed, displaying a harmonious mix of athleticism and beauty that captivates all who see her.

Beyond her stunning looks, Bella possesses a temperament that truly embodies the golden retriever spirit. She is gentle, nurturing, and inherently compassionate, with an innate ability to comfort those around her. Bella brings a special kind of warmth, one that touches the heart, eases the mind, and dissolves everyday stresses.

Bella's every attribute, from her exemplary behavior to her profound sense of loyalty, reflects the nurturing environment in which she was raised. Her obedience is born not out of strict training, but from a foundation of mutual respect and understanding. With Bella, commands are met with eagerness and joy, a reflection of her gentle nature.

Our journey with Bella has been one of immense love and discovery. She blessed us with a litter, showcasing her tender maternal instincts and loving nature. Now enjoying her retirement from motherhood, Bella remains a cherished member of our family, continually enriching our lives with happiness and companionship.

Describing the bond I share with Bella is akin to capturing the beauty of a sunset in words โ€“ it's deep, ever-evolving, and profoundly beautiful. Bella is much more than a pet; she's a confidante, a playmate, a true companion. Our shared moments, brimming with joy, playfulness, and mutual understanding, are treasured memories.

In Bella, I've found more than just a dog; I've found a soulmate. Her limitless energy, playful demeanor, and unwavering loyalty make every moment we spend together unforgettable. Reflecting on our time together, I'm filled with gratitude. Bella represents an unending source of love and companionship, a bond that's integral to my life.