At Sun & Sand Goldens, we're not just selling dogs, we're upholding a tradition. Our pricing reflects our commitment to ethical breeding, the joy of companionship, and the preservation of the Golden Retriever breed. We believe in making the unique experience of owning a Golden Retriever accessible to all.

Sun & Sand Goldens' Distinctive Pricing Strategy for AKC Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are more than just pets; they are loyal partners, cherished family members, and sometimes, valiant heroes. The bond with a Golden Retriever is unmatched, and at Sun & Sand Goldens, we maintain the highest breeding standards, in line with the American Kennel Club (AKC) guidelines.

**Full AKC Rights: A Premium for Breeding Excellence**ย ย 

Price: $2,000ย ย 

For dedicated breeders, we offer Golden Retrievers with full AKC rights at $2,000. This not only grants the privilege to engage in responsible breeding and register litters with the AKC but also represents a commitment to preserving the breedโ€™s heritage and characteristics.

**Limited AKC Rights: The Essence of Companionship**ย ย 

Price: $1,200 ย 

Recognizing that not every Golden Retriever will be a part of breeding programs, we offer dogs with limited AKC rights at $1,200. This is an ideal choice for those seeking a Golden Retriever as a loyal companion and family member. These dogs are meant for love and companionship, epitomizing the breed's health, gentle nature, and stunning beauty.

At Sun & Sand Goldens, our approach ensures every Golden Retriever, whether with full or limited rights, receives the same level of care and love, truly embodying the spirit of our breed.

Reserving Your Future Companion at Sun & Sand Goldensย 

Join our Waiting List:

To secure a place for a treasured puppy from Sun & Sand Goldens, a deposit of $300 is required. This deposit will be subtracted from the total cost of your puppy. We offer several convenient options for deposit payment, including Apple Pay, CashApp, Zelle, or direct cash transactions.

Selecting and Welcoming Your Puppy:

Once a new litter arrives, we will introduce our delightful puppies to you through photos and videos, allowing you to witness their charm and personality from the very start. The order in which you get to choose your puppy is determined by the sequence of received deposits, with the first depositor having the honor of first pick.

Our puppies are ready to join their forever homes when they are between 7 1/2 to 8 weeks old. You can choose your new furry friend either by browsing the photos and videos we share or by arranging a personalized FaceTime session to meet them virtually.

For those who live out of state, please plan to personally come and pick up your puppy, as we currently do not offer delivery services. We believe in establishing a personal connection right from the start and encourage you to be part of the exciting journey of bringing your new family member home.

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