Introducing Your Exclusive Puppy Starter Pack from Sun & Sand Goldens

As you prepare to welcome a delightful new Golden Retriever puppy into your life this fall/winter season, we at Sun & Sand Goldens are dedicated to making this experience as smooth and joyful as possible. In November, our specially tailored Puppy Go-Home Kits are ready to provide your little one with all the essentials for a healthy and joyful start to life.

Here's a Glimpse of What's Inside Your Puppy Go-Home Kit:

Adoption Documentation & Essentials:

- A personalized Sun & Sand Goldens contract/health guarantee, marking the start of your adoption journey.

- Organized AKC registration documents in a bespoke folder.

- Comprehensive records of your puppy's health checks, including deworming, vaccinations, and a vet report.

Training Resources & Support:

- "The Golden Retriever, an Owner's Survival Guide," filled with tips for bonding and training.

- My direct contact information for ongoing support throughout your puppy's life.

Nutritional Care:

- A delicious pumpkin treat to welcome your puppy.

- A 1-gallon supply of their current puppy food to smoothly transition to your preferred diet.

- A sample of NuVet Labs supplements, plus informational brochures.

- A 1oz. bottle of wheat germ oil.

- A taste of wet dog food for dietary variety.

Comfort Items:

- A soft blanket infused with the scent of their mother and littermates for comfort.

Playtime & Development:

- A classic tennis ball for hours of fetch.

- A fun squeaky spike ball to stimulate play.

- A specially designed teething toy for growing puppies.

Essential Accessories:

- A collar and tag for immediate identification, along with a leash.

- A pre-implanted buddy ID microchip for extra safety.

- A set of poop bags with a convenient carry case for outdoor adventures.

- A basic puppy bowl and a pack of puppy-friendly wet wipes.

All these items are packed in a stylish, custom-designed rhinestone paw print reusable beach bag with a zipper.

Please note that while we aim for consistency, the contents of our puppy kits may vary slightly with each litter, ensuring the best for your new family member.

We're excited to be part of your journey with your new Golden Retriever. The Puppy Go-Home Kits from Sun & Sand Goldens are just the beginning of an incredible adventure with your furry companion!