Sun & Sand Goldens: Your Puppy's Starter Pack

Welcoming a new puppy into your home is a journey filled with excitement and responsibility. At Sun & Sand Goldens, we take great pleasure in setting up both you and your furry companion for a smooth transition. For this November, our meticulously curated Puppy Go-Home Kits will ensure that your puppy has everything it needs for a wholesome start.

What's Inside Your January 2024 Puppy Go-Home Kit?

Documentation & Essentials:

A Sun & Sand Goldens contract/health guarentee, signed and dated, certifying your adoption.

The all-important AKC registration paperwork, presented in a dedicated folder.

Comprehensive records of your puppy's de-worming, vaccines, and a vet check report.

Training & Guidance:

Our special "Fetch Training Guide" to enhance bonding moments with your puppy.

My contact details. Remember, I stand by you for the life of your puppy, ready to assist whenever needed.

Nutrition & Health:

TLC biscuits, a treat that's both delicious and beneficial.

An introduction to health supplements with a sample of NuVet Plus vitamins, accompanied by informative brochures.

A delightful pumpkin sample, perfect for a wholesome treat.

A sample of Purina One puppy and a sample box complimentary from Bixbi!

Comfort & Familiarity:

A snug blanket, infused with the comforting scent of your puppy's mother and siblings.

Play & Enrichment:

A tennis ball, because who doesn't love a classic fetch game?

A squeaky spike ball to entice your puppy's playful side.

A teething toy, a must-have for those growing pearly whites.

Practical Utilities:

A collar and tag, making sure your pup is easily identifiable from the get-go.

Every puppy is microchipped with the reputable 24 PetWatch, enhancing security and peace of mind.

A roll of poop bags, paired with a carry case for those outdoor adventures.

A collapsible doggie bowl, convenient for hydration on-the-go.

***We’d like to remind our esteemed pet parents that while we aim for consistency, the contents of our puppy kits might vary slightly with each litter, ensuring we’re always offering the best to your new family member.***