Hello there! I'm Corinne, and while some might call me a dog lover, I like to think of myself as a canine connoisseur. My journey with these furry friends has spanned over 15 wonderful years. During this time, I've had the privilege of finding loving forever homes for 23 dogs and counting. I'm deeply committed to my mission, much like a dog who's found its favorite toy and just can't let go.

Now, when I dive deep into conversations about breeding, it's more than just a passion for me. My goal is to ensure every pup I'm involved with represents the best of its kind. My focus is centered around three core principles: Health, Happiness, and Harmonious play. Seeing the rising number of dogs in shelters, I'm a staunch advocate for ethical breeding, always ensuring it revolves around the dog's well-being rather than mere numbers.

Let me share a bit more about my background. While my love for dogs is immense, my dedication goes beyond just affection. I hold an Associate's degree in Veterinary and Animal Care, a Bachelor’s degree specializing in Canines, and even a degree as a Pharmacy Technician. And my learning never stops—I'm always taking online courses to expand my knowledge and expertise.

A significant turning point for me was a heartbreaking misdiagnosis involving one of my dogs. That experience strengthened my resolve and made me even more proactive in ensuring the best for every dog under my care. Rest assured, any dog with me enjoys the epitome of excellence. Think of it as a luxurious retreat tailored just for them.

I take immense pride in maintaining the highest standards in my breeding practices. From rigorous health screenings to providing the finest nutrition and securing the best registrations, I leave no stone unturned. Plus, I adhere to the respected Puppy Culture program, ensuring that every pup grows in the most nurturing environment possible.

If you're seeking someone who truly understands and cherishes the world of dogs, you've found her. Here's to many more years of golden memories with our four-legged friends!

Canine College Chronicles: Bridging Passion with Knowledge 🐕🎓

Hello to all dog enthusiasts out there! Let me share with you my journey, which has taken me from being a simple dog admirer to an educated expert in the canine field.

Many people enjoy the simple pleasures of dog companionship - their loyalty, playful nature, and unconditional love. My journey, however, led me down a more academic path. I’ve had the honor of studying at esteemed institutions like Penn Foster, Duke University, and the University of Edinburgh. These experiences provided me with a solid foundation in canine studies.

I'm especially grateful to the professionals at Dunbar Academy, ASPCA, and AKC's Canine College. Through them, I deepened my understanding of topics like canine genetics, health, and behavior.

This academic background has equipped me to view dog care from a comprehensive perspective. Whether I'm assessing a dog's health or planning an effective training session, my education serves as an invaluable tool.

But theory is just one part of the equation; practical application is equally essential. Organizations like Puppy Culture and Avidog have provided invaluable insights into the hands-on aspect of dog rearing. With their guidance, I strive to ensure every dog I work with is not just well-cared for but is also prepared for the challenges and joys of life.

In the ever-evolving realm of canine care, I continually seek out the latest research and best practices. This isn't just a profession for me; it's a commitment. Each contented sigh and tail wag from the dogs I work with is a testament to this passion.

To all who share this love for dogs: know that my dedication to expanding my knowledge and enhancing canine well-being is unwavering. Here’s to a continued journey filled with learning, understanding, and the unparalleled bond between humans and dogs. 🐾📘

Penn Foster Career School

AKC Canine College 

AKC Bred with h.e.a.r.t ❤️

Animal Poison Control 


ASPCA Maddie's Fund 

Animal Reiki Practitioner 

Stratford Career Institute

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