Miss Daisy Pearl Valentino Griffith

Name: Daisy

Birthday: July 2, 2021
Coat: Gorgeous Golden Retriever (Standard Golden)
Officially Registered: AKC Registration # SS27701808
Healthy & Happy: Here at Sun and Sand Goldens, we prioritize health in our breeding program. Daisy is estimated to be a larger Golden Retriever, reaching around 75 lbs once fully grown.
She is clear for many important Golden Retriever health concerns, including GR-PRA1, PRA-prcd, GR-MD, GR-NCL, ICH1, ICH2, and DM.
It's important to note that Daisy is a carrier for GR-PRA2, a genetic health condition. We carefully consider this factor in our breeding practices to ensure the health of future generations.

Daisy's Embark DNA 

Daisy: A Golden Retriever with a Heart of Gold

Daisy, a stunning golden retriever raised amidst the beauty of South Carolina, embodies everything we love about this incredible breed. A natural mother who's lovingly raised two litters, her gentle nurturing spirit shines through.

Daisy's heritage reflects a commitment to responsible breeding. Her health-screened parents have ensured she possesses not only a beautiful golden coat but also exceptional health and a charming personality. This dedication results in a happy, healthy dog with a delightful nature.

Daisy's love is evident in her warm greetings – her tail wags a welcome to everyone she meets. Beyond affection, she radiates an infectious zest for life. Whether it's a calm walk or a game of fetch, her enthusiasm is captivating.

But Daisy isn't just playful. Her intelligence and training have made her a remarkably obedient dog. She's a quick learner with a great memory, making training a breeze.

Daisy's friendly spirit extends beyond humans. Her playful interactions with other dogs showcase her ability to build positive, aggression-free relationships.

Daisy is everything you could ask for in a golden retriever – loving, energetic, intelligent, and most importantly, a cherished companion. Spending time with her highlights the importance of responsible breeding and the profound bond between humans and dogs.