Jade's Sun Kissed Coastal Charm

Name: Jade
Birthday: November 19, 2023 

Coat: Beautiful Golden Retriever (Standard Golden)
Officially Registered: AKC Registration # SS44251605
Healthy & Happy: At Sun and Sand Goldens, finding healthy, happy Golden Retrievers for loving homes is our passion!
Jade is expected to be a normal sized Golden Retriever, with an estimated weight of 66 lbs when fully grown.
This pup is clear for all major Golden Retriever health concerns, including GR-PRA1, GR-PRA2, PRA-prcd, GR-MD, GR-NCL, ICH1, ICH2, and DM giving her a strong foundation for a long and active life.

Jade's Embark DNA 

Jade: A Golden Retriever Puppy with Pawsome Parents

Jade, a playful pup and cherished member of the Sun and Sand Goldens family, is the love child of Shadow and Daisy. Her arrival brought sunshine (and maybe a few chewed slippers) into our lives!

A beautiful blend of her parents, Jade inherited Shadow's regal air and Daisy's graceful elegance. Her luxurious coat shimmers with the rich tones that are a hallmark of our bloodline. But beyond her stunning looks, Jade's sparkling eyes reflect the same intelligence and warmth that endeared us to Shadow and Daisy.

What truly steals the show is Jade's personality. She's an affectionate cuddle monster with a heart of gold. Her gentle and loving nature makes her an instant favorite with everyone she meets. This calm and sweet temperament is a testament to the nurturing environment she's been raised in.

Jade is more than just a gorgeous golden retriever puppy; she's a living reminder of Shadow and Daisy's legacy. Having her at Sun and Sand Goldens is a daily celebration of the strong bonds that are at the heart of our breeding program. Jade isn't just a family member, she's the next chapter in a story woven with love, care, and the exceptional qualities we strive for in our puppies.