Mr. Shadow Ellis Griffith 

Name: Shadow
Birthday: October 28, 2022
Coat: Gleaming Golden Retriever (Standard Golden)
Officially Registered: AKC Registration # SS37552206
Healthy & Happy: Sun and Sand Goldens prioritizes genetic health in our breeding program! Shadow is estimated to be a medium-sized Golden Retriever with a gorgeous golden coat, reaching around 65 lbs when fully grown.
More importantly, he is clear for all major Golden Retriever health concerns, including GR-PRA1, GR-PRA2, PRA-prcd, GR-MD, GR-NCL, ICH1, ICH2, and DM.

Shadows Embark DNA

Shadow: Our Family's Ray of Sunshine

From the day Shadow bounded into our lives, he's brought a whirlwind of joy and transformation. Now, as we celebrate his first birthday, it's clear his impact goes far beyond playful antics.

Shadow's boundless curiosity fuels his daily adventures. Whether it's a playful chase after a butterfly or a quizzical head tilt at a new sound, his infectious enthusiasm brightens every day. But Shadow offers more than just entertainment; he's become a cherished member of the family.

On tough days, when life feels overwhelming, Shadow's sunny disposition cuts through the clouds. His wagging tail, playful barks, and gentle nudges are constant reminders of the unconditional love he offers. With Shadow by my side, I'm constantly rediscovering the simple joys in life and the profound connection you can share with a dog.