Welcome Home, Wags Included: What's in Your Bella & Shadows Summer Puppy Kit!

We're thrilled to welcome your adorable new fur baby home! To make this transition as smooth and joyful as possible, we've packed a special "Summer Go Home" puppy kit filled with everything your little one needs to settle in comfortably.

Here's a peek at the exciting goodies waiting for your pup:

Essentials for a Pawsome Start:

Official AKC paperwork for your new best friend.

Our signed and dated 1-year health guarantee for peace of mind.

Detailed vet records with documented vaccine and deworming dates.

Pre implanted microchip registration number and tag.

A copy of your deposit form for your reference.

Adventure Awaits:

A sturdy leash for exploring the great outdoors together.

A bag of delicious, bite-sized pocket trainers for fun and positive reinforcement training.

A bouncy tennis ball for endless games of fetch.

A squeaky teething toy to soothe those sore gums.

Comfort & Security:

A stylish leather collar with a paw print engravable tag for easy identification.

A cozy blanket infused with the scent of mom and siblings for a sense of security.

A pack of wet wipes for those inevitable puppy messes.

Fueling Up for Fun:

A 7 day supply of NuVet Labs daily vitamins to support your pup's healthy growth.

A sample of pumpkin, a natural digestive aid for sensitive tummies (consult your vet before introducing new foods).

A sample wet puppy food they're currently enjoying for a smooth transition.

A 1-gallon bag of their current dry food to ensure a familiar taste during the first few days.

Happy Grooming & Healthy Habits:

A bottle of wheat germ oil to promote a shiny coat and healthy skin.

A beginner metal bowl for easy cleaning and food presentation.

A convenient dog waste bag dispenser for responsible pet ownership.

For the Lifelong Love of Learning:

A copy of "The Golden Retriever, an Owner's Survival Guide" packed with helpful tips on training, care, and understanding your new furry companion.

Plus, we've included all our contact information inside a beautiful, custom-designed rhinestone beach bag with a zipper for easy carrying!

We're here to support you every step of the way. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Welcome to the Bella & Shadows family!

Downloadable included records:
Health Record 

Diet & Routine

Birth Certificate

New Medical Record

Puppy Profile

Health Certificate