Prince Ozzy's Luminious Golden Legacy

Name: Ozzy
Birthday: January 6, 2024 

Coat: Sunny Golden Retriever (Standard Golden)
Officially Registered: AKC Registration # SS45045501
Healthy & Happy: At Sun and Sand Goldens, finding loving homes for healthy Golden Retrievers is our mission! Ozzy is expected to be a delightful little Golden Retriever, with an estimated adult weight of 64lbs. This pup is clear for all major Golden Retriever health concerns, including GR-PRA1, GR-PRA2, PRA-prcd, GR-MD, GR-NCL,  ICH2, and DM,  
It's important to note that Ozzy is a carrier for ICH1, a genetic health condition. We carefully consider this factor in our breeding practices to ensure the health of future generations.

Ozzy's Embark DNA

Prince Ozzy: A Golden Prince with a Heart of Gold

Prince Ozzy isn't just a golden retriever; he's a furry ambassador of joy. Born with a rich, luxurious coat, he embodies the regal bloodlines that promise not only stunning looks but also generations of good health. While his breeding heritage is impressive, it's his playful spirit and puppy-dog innocence that steal our hearts.

Ozzy's days are filled with playful romps and gentle cuddles. His infectious puppy enthusiasm brings a smile to anyone's face, whether it's his adorable clumsiness or his endless curiosity about the world. Watching him explore with wide eyes and a wagging tail is a daily reminder of the pure joy that dogs bring into our lives.

Even at a young age, Ozzy shows signs of an exceptional temperament. He's incredibly loving and gentle, with a sweetness that instantly melts hearts. His interactions are filled with an innocent wonder that reminds us to appreciate life's simple pleasures.