Sun & Sand's Shimmering Opal

Name: Opal
Birthday: January 6, 2024 

Coat: Sunny Golden Retriever (Standard Golden)
Officially Registered: AKC Registration # SS45045507
Healthy & Happy: At Sun and Sand Goldens, finding loving homes for healthy Golden Retrievers is our mission! Opal is expected to be a delightful little Golden Retriever, with an estimated adult weight of 64lbs. Opal is clear for all major Golden Retriever health concerns, including GR-PRA1, GR-PRA2, PRA-prcd, GR-MD, GR-NCL,  ICH2, and DM,  
It's important to note that Opal is a carrier for ICH1, a genetic health condition. We carefully consider this factor in our breeding practices to ensure the health of future generations.


Opal: A Playful Match for Our Adventurous Shadow

Get ready to fall in love with Opal! This stunning golden retriever, with her irresistible golden coat, is the perfect match for our very own Shadow. Opal's impressive lineage guarantees not only good health but also an exceptional temperament.

But Opal is more than just beautiful breeding stock. She's a ball of sunshine, full of energy and always ready for an adventure. Her playful spirit perfectly complements Shadow's adventurous side, making them a dream team for any dog lover!

This isn't just a pairing based on looks; it's about bringing together two vibrant personalities that truly embody the joy and enthusiasm of the golden retriever breed. Imagine a litter of puppies who inherit not only their parents' stunning appearance but also their playful, energetic spirits!

With Opal and Shadow joining forces, we anticipate a litter of healthy, happy golden retriever puppies who will carry on the Sun and Sand Goldens legacy of excellence for generations to come.